Sustainable production and logistics processes

Process Consulting

We identify bottlenecks, processes or value reduction resources and advise on their elimination to increase efficiency. We have expertise and experience in 6-Sigma methodology and Lean Management.

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How we do it and what can you achieve

1. Define the framework of the analysis

The first step is to define with our client the scope of the project. This includes critical expectations and requirements.

We define together the processes that will be included in the analysis as well as the processes that won’t be included.

2. Analysis and improvement plan

It is important to understand the interactions between the elements of the processes being analyzed, finding the root cause of the problem.

We assess you finding opportunities for improvement and analyzing the most effective ones in terms of costs and implementation time.

3. Control and monitoring

We have extensive experience in implementing effective plans and activities that are sustainable over time. They can include software or specific tools!

It is important to avoid returning to the way of working as it was before the implementation, you profit from our experience in change management.

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Complementary consulting services for companies

Process simulation

We are the only company in Ecuador that offers Predictive Simulation and has the commercial licences of Lanner’s WITNESS Predictive Simulation software.

Ideal for complex material flows in production, pharmaceutical industry, logistics, distribution and warehousing.

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Software development

Solutions specially designed to optimize the processes of companies of any size. Tell us what you need for your company to make the great technological leap.

We offer you customized software, technological support and monthly subscription models.

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