Make better decisions with predictive simulation

Predictive Process Simulation

Ideal for complex processes with complex material flow
Facilitates decision-making on capital investments.

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Lanner – Leading European simulation company.

We are the only company in Ecuador that offers Predictive Simulation and has the commercial rights of Lanner’s WITNESS Predictive Simulation software,a market-leading tool in the development of digital twins and predictive simulation.

Lanner official website:

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Better and effective decisions

Significant savings in operating and capital costs

Analyze and predict the throughput rate, OEE and work in progress, and identify the best performance among all possible combinations of variables.

The simulation models are extremely accurate and reflect your production environment providing convincing evidence that the proposed solution will work in the real world.

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Visualize decisions before implementing them

With the digital twin you can compare different scenarios, experiencing changes in the design without any risk

The results of the scenario analysis are presented in order to identify the best ideas in terms of costs, operational complexity and investment.

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We help you get the participation of the Stakeholders

Our consultancy provides facts rather than opinions.

We specialize in presenting complex information in an easy way to understand, building trust to stakeholders to engage with your business.

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The Simulation Process

1. Creating the digital twin  

It is a virtual representation of a process, a production line or a factory.

Using real information, a present or future situation is modeled in order to analyze complex and difficult to predict material flows.

2. Analyze scenarios

Comparing different scenarios the simulation presents the best alternative visualizing errors that could be only detected after the implementation. The best scenario is based on the goals of the client that could be:

  • return on investment
  • production costs
  • resource efficiency
  • production volume
  • optimal process design

3. Through predictive simulation you can

  • Experiment with different scenarios and what the results of these would be
  • See if new ideas are feasible and profitable
  • See the advantages and disadvantages of an investment project before implementing it
  • In case of existing infrastructure, know how to maximize the efficiency of processes and analyze the effects of changes before making them
  • Identify the weak points of a process